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D-team Adventure beginning part 19
------------------------------------Before the war-------------------
      Next morning after rescuing of group of black dragons was very hot. Sun was shining, sky was cloudless and there wasn't wind. Cynder was sleeping outdoor like other D-team members, she awoke, rubbed her eyes and started to wait for Spyro's awakening.
      -Hey, Cynder,-said someone quietly.-Your boyfriend likes water, isn't he?
      Cynder turned around and saw another black dragoness, who was looking at her with sly grin.
      -So?-asked Cynder.
      -How about a prank?-asked dragoness with sly voice.
      -I understood, what are you going to do, Shadowmoon, but I don't want to awake him,-said Cynder.
      -Oh please, he likes water, so, make a surprise for him,-said Shadowmoon with mischievous voi
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D-team Adventure beginning part 18
------------------------------------Forgotten Worlds-------------------------------
       Next morning Spyro was bathing in the river when one of D-team members ran up to him.
       -Spyro! Our intelligence found something!-he said.
       -Calm down, Windwalker. What did they find?
       -Group of our agents visited Forgotten Worlds and in the Evening Lake area they found two rhynocks, which was talking with each other, that they saw Spyro. But you was at home that time!
       -So, they saw something purple,-said Spyro.-It's important information. Thanks, Windwalker.
       -Always glad to work for Light!-exclaimed Windwalker.
       Spyro went out of the water and saw Flame, who was walking around D-team villa.
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Dragon shores party incomplete
-----------------------------Dragon shores party------------------------------
       Spyro was laying in the beach chair at the top level of floating fortress Dagat-Ackhas. Weather was very warm and sunny, sea was calm, war was finished, but Spyro thought about last battle. 3-rd Dragon Fleet, DRRF main squad, ADF and ARRF forces, Forgotten Worlds Regular Army  and all Dragon team forces were attacking main enemy base, lair of evil. Spyro was with DRRF squad and Dragon-team forces, then they destroyed main enemy unit and united with 3-rd Dragon Fleet. But then Maledict went out of the Gates of Darkness and war continued with him ad his evil army. Mephistolor escaped in the Gates of Darkness, but all Purple Numbers, Real Numbers and Black Numbers attacked Maledict and defeated him. Maledict has destroyed, but enormous explosion destroyed Gates of Darkness too. So, war was finished, Mephistolor and his evil minions were alive though, but they
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D-team Adventure beginning part 17
------------------------------Villa incident---------------------------------
       -You'll pay for that!-said Cynder and sent a wave at Spyro and Aquasemous.
       -What's up, Cyn? Water is so enjoyable!-said Spyro.
       -Yeah, but that was suddenly!-replied Cynder.
       -How do you like that?-smiled Spyro and drenched her with many slim jets of water.
       -Awww, that's cool!-said black dragoness, luxuriating in this shower.
       Aquasemous released jet of water in the air and water brought down on them like rain. Cynder splashed him with her paws and at the same time Spyro drenched her with a huge splash of his paws. Aquasemous drenched them with powerful jet of water, using his water breath, Spyro sniffed and splashed him with a lot of medium jets of water of his wa
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D-team Adventure beginning part 16
---------------------------------------Return to base----------------------------
      -War comes to an end, right?-asked Ember.
      -Yeah, we took out most of them. ADF want to finish them,-replied Spyro.
      -But don't forget about our main quest-find other Purple Numbers and Real Numbers,-said Cynder.
      -Yeah, I remember,-said Ember.-As for others, I think they remember too.
      -Yeah, all right,-replied Flame.
      They left Avalar and returned to their home. They went out of portal in the D-team subrealm. Then members of DRRF left this subrealm and returned to Peace Keepers Home and all D-team members still in their headquarters.
      -What now?-asked Cynder.-Any idea?
      -Right now we must rest,-said Spyro.-Probably, we will fig
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D-team: Adventure beginning part 15
--------------------------------Front line---------------------------------
     Dragons went through the destroyed gnorc's camp upon two hours. During this time they killed some gnorcs-soldiers and blew up another weapon warehouse. Now their mission was: unite with main squad and ADF squads.
     -It's warm,-suddenly said Ember.-And nearest river is so far...
     -Even if it was right there we can't make a water fight. We must be quickly like shadows,-said Cynder.-Water breath-it's all what we can allow ourselves right now.
     -Yeah, Cynder is right,-said Spyro.-Wait a little.
     Dragons continued their moving and two hours later they approached a forest river.
     -Wait a little,-said Spyro and grinned.-I'll cool off you all,-he said with sly voice.
     -Hey, what is it?-asked Ember.
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The Incarnation: Part 1: Mystic voices (incomplete
-------------------------------------Mystic voices-------------------------------
USA, California, 13:00, Insomniac games headquarters.
     -How do you like that?-asked John Green.-One of our workers gone bananas.
     -Why?-asked another man in brown suit.
     -Take a look at his report, Clay,-said Green.
     Clay picked up file from the table and started read: "Ben Thomson, programmer, June 21, work-report: It was end of day, all other workers already has gone, I was the one person at the floor, I finished work and was going to shut down computer, but suddenly I heard strange voice. It said: "Over here, Ben. Over here!" I tried to find source of the voice, but I couldn't. "It was my fantasy"-I thought, but when I was in the lift it suddenly stopped. I tried to ask lift support about help, but button didn't work! And then I heard the same voice: "
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D-team universe
1. Artisans
Most  ancient part of D-realms. Including subrealms: Stone Hill, Coastal Town, Dark Hollow, Sea Highway and Volcano Factory. Including locations: Waterfalls, Mountain Fields and The Portal.
Stone Hill: Including locations: Main Entrance, Tunnel and Coastal Outpost.
Coastal town: Including locations: Town Square, Harbor and Suburb.
Dark Hollow: Including locations: Central Outpost, Secret Tunnel and Portal Zone.
Sea Highway: Including: Railway, Airport and 3th Dragon Fleet.
Volcano Factory: Small energy plant, working on the hot magma.   
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D-team Adventure beginning part 14
-He stole him!-said green dragon with a worried voice.
-What?-asked silvery dragon.-What happened?
-He stole Malefor!-shouted green dragon.
-Malefor?! But this Purple Number has mental instabilities yet! He was hurtled with dark magic!-shouted silvery dragon.-It's disaster!
-Yes, exactly! We must evacuate all Purple Numbers right now!
-Right now?! I thought we must rescue Malefor,-said silvery dragon.
-It's Spyro's mission. All Purple Numbers feel each other. Even if Malefor will be consumed by darkness, Spyro will can rescue him and return them on the light side. And we can't rescue Malefor right now,-replied green dragon.
-But Spyro is Real Number! He wasn't upgraded like Purple Numbers, he was born as a purple dragon,-said silvery dragon.
-Right! Therefore, he will rescue Malefor, I'm sure,-said green dragon.-We must evacuate other Purple Numbers.
-But at first we must inform them about evacuation!
-Yeah, let's g
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On the wings of joy
--------------------------------------On the wings of joy-----------------
         It was a very hot day in the Dragon realms. Spyro and Cynder were going through the shady forest, but weather was too hot and trees can't protect them from heat.
         -This is madness! 40 degrees in the shadow!-said Spyro.-And 52 in the sun!
         -My scales are burning,-said Cynder with a very dry voice.-I feel hot... too much,-she said and flake out.
         Spyro picked up her from the ground and next time he was moving with Cynder in his hands until he left forest and came up to the river.
         -Water!-said Spyro.-At least! Cynder needs water right now!
         He ran in the river and filled his mouth with fresh cool wate
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D-team Adventure beginning part 13
-------------------------------Landing in the Avalar-----------------------
     Avalar, Summer forest, 2:00 p.m., place around portal to Dragon realms. All nature looks like quiet. But suddenly a lot of missiles flew out from the portal and flew out in the sky.
     Meanwhile, D-team headquarters, communication transfer.
     -Cool Face, over,-said dragon operator.
     -Light Scale, over, this is Cool Face. We just entered into Avalar,-said Spyro.
     -Cool Face, ten minutes before landing, over,-said operator.
     -Acknowledged, Light Scale, over,-said Spyro.
     -Eight minutes before the landing. Missile's radars detected enemy forces.
     -Five minutes before the landing... Four, three, two, one!
     -All units
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D-team Adventure beginning part 12
----------------------------Preparations for war------------------------
    After awesome water fight, when all dragons were cooled off, Spyro and Cynder are going to make a speech for all dragons, not only Dragon-team members. They came up to pedestal with microphones and cameras.
    -Are all cameras ready?-asked Spyro.
    -Yeah,-replied Flame.
    -Well, let's speak,-said purple dragon.
    -This is headquarters of Dragon-team!-said Spyro.-Listen to me, Artisans and Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters and Beast Makers, Dream weavers and purple dragons, who can hear me now! Evil already is came to our home, but we kicked out this trash out of there! Now evil minions attacked our friendly realm-Avalar. They want blood? We'll give them their own blood! They want chaos and darkness? Let's bring chaos to their home! Eight times they messed with us: tried to defeat us. But we're unstoppable! No
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Terminology of D-team fan fictions.
ADF-Avalar Defensive Forces
DRRF-Dragon Rapid Reaction Forces
AIA-Avalar Information Agency
FWU-Forgotten Worlds Union
MISoD-Magic Irradiation System of Destruction
SADF-Special Avalar Defences Forces
DDF-Dragon Defensive Forces
DEGF-Dragon Elite Guardians Forces
DSDF-Dragon Special Diversion Forces
MFF-Mobile Flying Fortress
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D-team Adventure beginning 11
---------------------------Malefor has found!----------------------
     Spyro and Cynder went out of their room and suddenly saw Emilio, who just left his room.
     -How are you?-asked Spyro.
     -I'm fine, thank you,-replied Emilio.
     -Where are you going?-asked Spyro.
-I'm going on the beach,-answered Emilio.-As I see it's your outdoor sanctuary.
-Yeah, it's beach time for all Dragon-team right now,-said Cynder.
-There will be a lot of fun!-said Spyro with funny voice.
-Let's go!-said Emilio.
So, these three left D-team villa and moved to beach.
-Look, Emilio, water fight already has begun!-said Spyro.-Come on!
These three came up nearer to water and suddenly five jets of water brought down on them.
-Oops, but I haven't water breath,-said Emilio.
-It is no problem,-smiled Aqus, who came up to them when they entered in the river.-Just touch the water and I'll help you.
Emilio put
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D-team: Adventure beginning part 10
--------------------------------Purple Number project-------
    Spyro and Cynder went out of d-team villa and, when they came up to exit, they saw two dragons-purple dragon and black dragoness, who look like very... familiar for them. As for Cynder. she was shocked when she saw black dragoness.
    -Spyro! Impossible! This is... Dear Ancestors...-purple dragon can't finish his phrase.
    -Calm down, guy,-said Spyro.-Do you know me?
    -Spyro, this is me, Emilio!-shouted purple dragon.-I'm very happy to see you here!
    -Emilio! One of my friends in the... Wait! Where are you from?-asked Spyro.
    -I,,, can't remember. All what I remember that two blue dragons saved me from gnorcs, which attacked... I can't remember.
    -Where are these blue dragons now?-asked Spyro.
    -I can't remember it too. Oh, my head...
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D-team Adventure beginning part 9
--------------------------------------Prequel of heroes------------------
    -Close it. Hurry up,-said green dragon.
    -Roger that!-replied silvery dragon
    -Are we have problems?-asked silvery dragon
    -Evil rapid reaction forces started his mission. We must evacuate our researching facility,-answered green dragon.
    -We trust in the power. Power of our children,-said green dragon.
    -Any volunteers in danger?-asked silvery dragon.
    -Thanks to Ancestors, no,-replied green dragon.
    -Good. So, what are we going to do?
    -We must use some of our children.
    -This is may be dangerous for them!
    -No, we will use  a newest perfect.
    -You mean him???
    -Yes, him!
    -Yeah, his
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I don't even know what to say... Not so long time ago I've found some "watery art" (If you don't understand what I talking about: scenes of how dragons enjoy water)  and I just want more... If you know some art, please let me know. Give me a link or name of art and nickname of it's creator.





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